British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO leads bird monitoring in the UK and holds internationally unparalleled datasets on spatial and temporal variation in bird abundance at the national scale. BTO scientists have unique expertise in the analysis and interpretation of these datasets using state-of-the-art techniques, as well as extensive knowledge of the ecology of UK bird populations and their interactions other ecosystem components.

GS bto pic
Dr Gavin Siriwardena

Gavin is the Head of Terrestrial Ecology at the BTO and has 19 years’ experience of working on landscape-scale processes in UK bird populations, including both experimental and purely data-analytical projects, and has written more than 20 papers in the field.

Kathryn_Ross_BT0Dr Kathryn Ross

Kathryn is post-doctoral research ecologist) and has a strong track record in the analysis of large-scale, long-term datasets and has experience of working with both WeBS and WBBS data.