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Biological & Environmental Sciences is pioneering research in key niche areas of environmental research at the interfaces between organisms, environments and societies.

Dr Nigel Willby (PI)NW pic

Nigel is a Reader in Freshwater Science at the University of Stirling. Nigel has 22 years experience in the ecology and management of freshwater ecosystems. Nigel’s particular interests are in trait-environment relationships, plant-herbivore interactions (ranging from snails to beavers), and the distribution of biodiversity in relation to disturbance and landscape connectivity. Nigel specialises in the ecology of aquatic plants and his work over the last 10 years has focussed on development and testing of practical methods for assessing ecological quality in freshwaters. @NWillby


RQ picDr Richard Quilliam

Richard is a lecturer at the University of Stirling. Much of Richard’s research is at the interface of agriculture and the environment and focuses on a number of sustainability and disease-related topics. A central theme is to understand how changes in agricultural practices and land-use, together with projected climate change, effect nutrient cycling & ecosystem functioning and increase the risk of exposure to pathogens. I have a strong research interests in Environmental Pathogen Ecology, and water & soil pollution caused by the carriage, survival & cycling of zoonotic pathogens and enteric diseases through agro-ecosystems and aquatic environments. Much of my work is carried out in the context of sustainable agriculture and food & water security and is underpinned by a significant level of engagement with the local community and a wide range of stakeholders. @RS_Quilliam


DO picDr David Oliver

David is a senior lecturer at the University of Stirling. There are two critical strands of my research portfolio. The first is to further understanding of behavioural traits of pollutants in the soil-water continuum and advance process understanding in environmental and agricultural systems. The second is to use this knowledge to solve real world issues through applied research and knowledge exchange. To maximise the potential of these two research strands I operate within interdisciplinary research teams, with both social and natural scientists and the research and policy communities. My research interests can be defined within the following three key research themes: Environment, Pollution and Human Health, Integrated Catchment Management & Diffuse Pollution Risk Assessment and Modelling. @DHW_ac_uk

IMG-20140327-WA0007Dr Alan Law

Alan is postdoctoral researcher at University of Stirling. His research interests revolve around freshwater systems, particularly quantifying biodiversity and herbivory through space and time. Additionally, work from his PhD has implications for the reintroduction of the beaver to Britain and general rewilding. @AlanLaw_





Dr Colin Bull

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